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Listen, design, deliver — it’s a simple approach that encapsulates perfectly how jaffa design work with clients and are able to offer them the very best design experience.

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  • listen

  • It’s about understanding what
    you want to achieve, and devising
    a solution that will deliver what
    you want, within your budget.

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  • design

  • A good idea poorly presented
    can often be its undoing. Design
    adds value to what you offer your
    audience. First impressions last.

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  • deliver

  • On-time and highest quality means
    checks, and controls along the way,
    to make sure everything is working
    towards an inspired finish.

what jaffa design does best

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Everyone has their strengths. jaffa design has had successes and won one or two awards in these areas over the past 26 years.

  • NHS Smokefree

    jaffa design has produced Smokefree
    guidance documents for NHS PCTs in
    many regions of England, Scotland and
    Northern Ireland.

  • Event promotion

    From the Daniel Owen Festival to Mold
    Spring Clean and Mold Food Festival,
    jaffa design has designed promotional
    materials for many local groups, helping
    to make their events a success.

  • Websites

    Yes, jaffa design do websites!
    Ellen Whitaker, McPhee Associates,
    Hathay Bunano and Peter Wooding
    – the list is growing.

  • Branding & Identity

    jaffa design has produced corporate
    identities for a wide range of
    organisations, from restaurants to
    media companies.

  • Magazine Design

    With years of experience in magazine
    design, specialising in medical and
    communications titles, services
    include re-design, production and
    the creation of press-ready files.

  • Education

    jaffa design has worked with a number of
    schools, creating for them corporate
    identity, prospectuses, publicity, signage,
    badges and other merchandise.

  • Publishing

    Brown Cow Publishing is a trading
    name of jaffa design Limited, set-up
    to publish and design books. Visit the
    Brown Cow website for more information.

  • Welsh Language

    Mae jaffa design yn cynnig gwasanaeth
    dwyieithog ar gyfer pobl sydd eisiau
    gwneud busnes drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg.
    Happy to speak Welsh.


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Let jaffa design help you to achieve your goals. Send a brief description of your design project and someone will be in touch with you soon.